Fabrics and Membranes

Contrasting and complementary colours for Giant Umbrella, Side Sheets & Parasols.

Membranes are cut on computer operated machines and sewn by fully qualified and highly experience staff.  Only high-quality fabrics such as Acrylic and Airtex (polyester) are used.

For hems and seams on both fabrics, Airtex trim is used throughout. By combining the colours of trim and membranes using related, contrasting or complementary colours, interesting colour schemes can be achieved. Alternatively, parasols can be designed to either blend into their surroundings or to a specific corporate colour scheme.

Specifications (acrylic material):

  • 100% solution-dyed Sunacryl
  • Cleanguard Coating outdoor finish
  • Weight 290 g/m2
  • Colour fastness and UV resistance 7 to 8/8 (UV801)
  • Water pressure resistance 350 mm

Acrylic Membrane Colours

Airtex Specifications (polyester):

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Teflon outdoor finish
  • Weight 195 g/m2
  • Colour fastness and UV resistance 6 to  8/8 (UV801)
  • Water pressure resistance 700 mm

Artex Membrane Colours


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