Maestro – retractable roof system

Pergotenda® Maestro

The main configuration of Maestro is self-supporting aluminum and the coverage can be equipped with sliding foldable canvas or adjustable blades.

The canvas can be:

  • equipped with calendered tubes for a very dynamic curved appearance, particularly efficient in the management of rain water;
  • tightened with spacers;
  • alternating trapezoidal.

A product which looks
to the future of the outdoor

The option to reach up to 700 x 700 cm in the 3-runner-model with spacers or trapezoidal canvas, without needing a central pillar and with a single canvas makes Maestro particularly competitive and certainly original. The 25 cm frontal beam, the 12 cm hight retreated gutter, the integrated screens and the column-beam connection without any carter complete the unique characteristics of the product, providing extreme neatness to the lines, typical of the Corradi way of outdoor thinking.

Both of the configurations – canvas or blades – allows one to pair the structures without doubling the pillar and being able to efficiently and elegantly cover large surfaces as well.

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Contemporary retractable patio roof systems for many commercial applications.

Sturdy, with additional modular elements the textile roof system is the retractable patio roof for many commercial applications, from alfresco dining to schools or nurseries.

When there is too much sun or wind, our retractable roof systems provides reliable protection. The systems can also be used to reliably protect against rain. It can be closed off on every side using vertical glass elements or shades for even greater protection and customer comfort.

Large Area retractable fabric roof – for heavier and longer use.

The textile roof system creates a positive message with its particularly stable, wind-proof construction and options suitable for large scale units.

Retractable Roof System features:

  • Made from Aluminium
  • Can be freestanding or fixed to a structure
  • LED lights are available
  • Extensive multi-section units are possible
  • Outstanding design
  • Wind stability, keep fabric in place
  • Ideal fabric tensioning
  • Can be installed with retractable side awnings/screen and vertical all-glass elements
  • Sun protection
  • Canopy is stable – even in side winds

Site Survey Service

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