Why Synthetic Rattan garden furniture?

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Natural Rattan is an amazing material for furniture offering patterns, class and perfect for furniture, both indoors or outdoors. With businesses and consumers increasingly concerned about the environment as well as the harsh UK weather an alternative to the natural style was needed. For a while now there has been an increase in the popularity of synthetic products and Rattan is of no exception. So, should you buy natural or synthetic rattan?

What to look for in Hotel Outdoor Furniture

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When buying furniture, it is hard to know what to look for. There are so many suppliers you need to ensure you have a brief understanding of what you are buying first.

When considering new furniture for hotel or other commercial outdoor furnishings keep these points in mind:

Top Umbrella Tips

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These tips are things you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your umbrella in the best condition and protect it from damage. Following these simple steps will ensure longevity and low maintenance bills.

The Main reasons you need to consider Synthetic Rattan furniture

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You have a great outdoor area. You want some show-stopping furniture. You want something that will give you an amazing look and feel with as little maintenance as possible, it must last a long time and, Oh, you want it at a good price. Have you thought about Rattan?

Enhance Your Branding

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Awnings and Umbrellas are practical tools and can also be used to maximise of your brand identity and visibility. It doesn’t matter whether they are permanent or temporary, fixed or moveable they are great practical cover solutions as well as great branding tools. Our tips below will help you when thinking about branding and being visual.

6 Reasons why umbrellas are a good choice for commercial gardens

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Our top six reasons we feel umbrellas are a good choice for commercial gardens

Create an amazing area with a Retractable Roof System

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Retractable roof systems are becoming extremely popular in the UK as operators and owners realise the value addition to their business and outdoor space. As the name suggests the roof can be retracted and extended whenever you require it. These modular systems are a great addition to your space and offer better protection from more harsh weather than standard awnings.