Giant Umbrellas

The Classic, Force 10 and Catilever umbrellas. Large, strong and amazing for any setting.


Perfectly designed, the classic among our centre mast parasols, Classic guarantees professional shading for any requirement.

FORCE 10 Umbrella

Our Strong Wind parasol is made to withstand the elements in exposed locations such as coastal areas, on roof terraces and exposed areas.


The Cantilever or Side arm umbrellas is unique, the mast is situated to the side rather than in the middle and it is strong and durable.


Our range of umbrellas can be used in conjunction with many different accessories to make them an even better option.

Umbrella Images

These are a few different installs, you will find more on our projects page

Uhlmann Umbrellas

Uhlmann Sonnenschirme e.K. was founded by Mr. Herbert Uhlmann in 1994, and the company soon established itself on the European market as leading manufacturer of large commercial umbrellas and speciality giant umbrellas. The commitment continues to uphold the principles that made the Uhlmann products such a success.

Use of highest quality materials, simple but elegant design, precision engineering and individual attention to details throughout the manufacturing process, these are the qualities that differentiate the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas from all the others.

Starkwind Doppelseite

Contrasting and complementary colours for Giant Umbrella, Side Sheets & Parasols.

Membranes are cut on computer operated machines and sewn by fully qualified and highly experience staff. Only high-quality fabrics such as Acrylic and Airtex (polyester) are used.

For hems and seams on both fabrics, Airtex trim is used throughout. By combining the colours of trim and membranes using related, contrasting or complementary colours, interesting colour schemes can be achieved. Alternatively, parasols can be designed to either blend into their surroundings or to a specific corporate colour scheme.


(Dickson Acrylic Material)

  • 100% solution-dyed Sunacryl
  • Cleanguard Coating outdoor finish
  • Weight 290 g/m2
  • Colour fastness and UV resistance 7 to 8/8 (UV801)
  • Water pressure resistance 350 mm


Airtex Specifications (Polyester)

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Teflon outdoor finish
  • Weight 195 g/m2
  • Colour fastness and UV resistance 6 to 8/8 (UV801)
  • Water pressure resistance 700 mm


Giant Umbrella, Side Sheets & Parasols provide the ideal solution for effective advertising.

Printed valances and roof sections can turn your parasol into a real eye-catching promotional item.

The team at Showpiece Design, will ensure the professional implementation of your advertising requirements, you choose what you want it to say we will make it happen.


Valance & Roof

  • Single colour to full colour printing
  • Digital or screen printing options available
  • Remove seams
  • Straight or Decorative valances
  • Print to segments


Side sheets

  • Create a unique style with side-sheets
  • Add your logo/brand to the sides
  • Statement piece for your outdoor space

Gutters & Side Sheets

Custom made side sheets and gutters.

The versatility of side sheets and gutters is endless! Showpiece Design custom make gutters that not only join umbrella to umbrella but also bridge gaps from umbrella to building.

Side sheets can be fitted in any configuration from one to all four sides, roll up doors can be positioned within the side sheet to marry with existing paths, entrances and doorways.



  • Use from 1 to 4 sides
  • Links umbrellas together or to a wall
  • Include an end stop and push the water away from key areas
  • Made in same colour as the umbrella membrane
  • Includes rods and fixings


Side Sheets

  • Create a custom space with side sheets
  • Join umbrellas with connectors and corner sections
  • Same colour as the umbrella membrane or different
  • Different configurations available
  • Roll away when not in use
  • Include doors or windows

Heating and Lighting Solutions

Turn your outdoor area into an impressive, pleasant location for your customers to relax, dine with our heating and lighting solutions.

Attaching energy saving light units and highly efficient infra-red heaters to your parasol is not only environmentally friendly when compared to the use of conventional light bulbs and outdoor heaters, it can also in the long term save money.

Remote Control Operation

Our heaters are attached using special brackets. These can be conveniently collapsed before closing the parasol. Time consuming removal of the heaters is not necessary.



  • LED lights – mast or arm mounted
  • Cool or Warm LED’s available
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Use your umbrellas all year round
  • Hidden wiring
  • Control in your premises



  • Can be closed as well as the umbrella
  • Electric Quartz heating
  • 1.5Kw per heater
  • Push for Heat timer switches can be used
    • Only on for set time
    • Control the heater useage
  • White or Black colour

Umbrella Frames

Our robust frames are renowned in the industry for their strength and durability

Depending on the size and type of parasol, the extruded aluminium profiles are internally reinforced.

All connecting components are manufactured from high quality stainless or galvanised steel. Each of the arms can be individually replaced.
Spring-loaded end pieces in the ends of the arms ensure automatic tightening of the membrane and facilitate membrane replacement.

The telescope is held securely by synthetic bearings to give stability. When closing the parasol, the frame is raised, guaranteeing ample table clearance for most of our parasols.



  • High quality stainless or galvanised steel
  • Replace individual sections
  • Telescopic frames
  • Different models available
    • Classic frame
    • Force 10 frame
  • Internally reinforced



All aluminium profiles are finished with a high quality powder coating. This guarantees high scratch and impact resistance as well as protection against climatic and environmental influences.  Besides our white standard coating, you can choose from any of the RAL colour selection or a pattern from our exclusive range.

  • Unique style
  • Choose from many colours or finishes
  • Highly durable
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Umbrella Fixing solutions

Our range of umbrellas is available with many different fixing solutions to cover all manners of installations.
If you are standard patio, decking, on a roof or maybe a marble floor we have options for you.


In-Ground Sleeve

For permanent installation, we recommend our 2-part fully galvanised ground sleeve system. The umbrella is firmly clamped and secured with an additional lock screw.

The ground sleeve is set vertically and on ground level into a concrete foundation to ensure a secure standing position. Our umbrellas with electrics have all cables hidden from view inside the mast and the ground sleeve. This system ensures compliance with even the most rigorous Health & Safety regulations


Base Plate

The base plate is used in cases where a concrete foundation is not possible due to existing structural limitations.

Prime examples are roof terraces, balconies and locations with underlying basements, cellars or car parks. Safe and
secure installation using a base plate is achieved by means of 8 anchor screws and heavy duty dowels.


Free standing Bases

For free standing installations, we recommend our fully galvanised bases for use with standard concrete paving slabs.

The four corner supports can be individually adjusted to compensate any unevenness in the underlying ground.


Seating boxes

For any installation we can create a bespoke seating box to your specification.  Hide the unwanted base and create seating.